Appy for Canada Study Visa from India

Why Study in Canada?

You may agree with us when we say, students who want to study abroad also want to work and live in the same country, post completing their studies. And, there is nothing wrong with this because this is human nature. The question then is, “Which country is most liveable?”.

There are several countries in the world that provide a better quality of education and life. However, among all these countries Canada is usually the preferred choice of students because it provides a lot of advantages to students, which are not offered by other countries.

Studying in a country like Canada is incredibly easier & affordable in comparison to other predominant western countries. The Canadian colleges and universities provide a range of opportunities to native & international students. Due to such opportunities, thousands of Indian students have already established themselves strongly with native Canadian people.

Apart from the highest quality of education, students who look to move abroad also want a comfortable lifestyle, low tuition fees, global exposure, confident living, and all of these requirements are fulfilled by the Canadian colleges and universities.

Students moving to Canada have a plus point that the pathway to permanent residency becomes extremely easy right after completing their education. Below are some of the main courses that students can pursue to get excellent jobs in Canada. Such courses make the road to PR easier and less time-consuming.

  • Media & Journalism
  • IT & Computer Science
  • Finance & Business
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Medicine, Biosciences, and Healthcare
  • Engineering Management & Core Engineering

Quality of Education in Canada

In the top universities ranking 2021, Canada has 10 out of 250 universities globally. The quality of education provided here is globally recognized by the leading academics & educators in the world. With the fascinating element of multicultural diversity and comfortable quality of life, pursuing higher education in Canada provides a great future for students. Students get to learn from the best & industry-expert professors who help them start their careers and make them eligible for jobs. Such professors bring their years of experience to the classroom, which makes the learning way more effective & worthwhile, especially in secondary and post-secondary studies.

Canada is known for welcoming a rich diversity from all corners of the world. It is recognized as the safest place for international students today. The overall environment of the colleges and universities remains highly welcoming & friendly, which helps students fit in Canadian culture and environment.

Student Life in Canada

Canada provides the students with an excellent learning environment that gives them the confidence to dream & achieve big in life. The budget concern is not a problem as several colleges have low tuition fees and there are plenty of scholarship opportunities available for deserving students.

From big cities to small villages, Canada is one of the safest countries that provides ease of life, plenty of work opportunities and a multi-cultural environment. Most universities and colleges provide a host of fun, sports, theatre, music, student council, individual sport & other facilities. They provide many opportunities for students to get involved in extracurricular activities and proceed in their respective academic careers. Such activities provide the necessary exposure to the students to showcase their unique talents at debates, music competitions, science fairs, spelling bees, etc.

Along with this, Canada also provides a supportive learning environment for each of their student to learn & excel with their full potential. Career & counselling classes are also provided at each level to make better career choices for the students, which helps students know their talent and skill-set. In addition, the safety & security of students is also well- ensured, and everyone shows respect for each other which is an embodiment of values that Canadian education is known for.


Cost of Studying and Living in Canada

Canada is a perfect destination and affordable one for international students that offers a wide range of possibilities & experiences. The cost of living in Canada is significantly lower than in other developed countries like the UK, the USA and Australia.

When you calculate the overall cost of living and studying in Canada, tuition fees have the largest share but are still lower than other developed nations. On average, the tuition fee ranges from CAD 13,000 per year for undergraduate level courses to CAD 40,000 per year for MBA programs. The below table shows the cost of studying for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Canadian colleges and universities.

Type of Cost Annual Cost in CAD (Approx.)
Undergraduate Programs 13,000 CAD to 20,000 CAD
Post-graduate Programs 17,000 CAD to 25,000 CAD
MBA Programs 30,000 CAD to 40,000 CAD
College/University Application Fees 70 CAD to 150 CAD
Study Permit Fee 150 CAD

The tuition fee in colleges is low as compared to studying in universities. The international student must have at least CAD 10,000 in their GIC account, along with the tuition fees.

Now, the cost of living in Canada depends on the city you want to live in. As per Mercer’s 2019 Cost of Living Survey data, Toronto is the most expensive city for living, followed by Vancouver. Below is a list of possible expenses a student has to bear to study and live in Canada.

Type of Expense Annual Cost in CAD (Approx.)
On-Campus Housing 3,000 CAD to 7,500 CAD
Outside Campus Housing 6,000 CAD to 8,5000 CAD
Food 3,000 CAD to 4,800 CAD
Mandatory Health Insurance 600 CAD to 800 CAD (free in certain provinces)
Travelling 600 CAD to 2,400 CAD
Miscellaneous 1,200 CAD to 10,000 CAD

As per the Canadian government, health insurance for all students is mandatory. These expenses are the general expenses; apart from these, you may have to bear the cost of books, clothes, entertainment, and more.

Top Universities in Canada

Below mentioned are the top Canadian Universities that are assessed based on employer and academic reputation.

Top Universities
Canada University Rank Global Rank University
1 25 University of Toronto
2 31 McGill University
3 45 University of British Columbia
4 118 Université de Montréal
5 119 University of Alberta
6 144 McMaster University
7 166 University of Waterloo
8 203 Western University
9 246 Queen's University
10 246 University of Calgary

Top Colleges in Canada

Here is the list of top Colleges in Canada that are based on academic reputation.

Name of College Location
Humber College Toronto, Ontario
Centennial College Toronto, Ontario
George Brown College Toronto, Ontario
Conestoga College Kitchener, Ontario
Georgian College Barrie, Ontario
Lambton College Sarnia, Ontario
top college

Intake Period in Canada

Canada Intake Duration Description
Fall – Primary Intake September - December The highest intake is done in this time frame, especially for Indian students. All programs & studies are usually open for all international students.
Winter – Secondary Intake January - May Beginning in January, this intake comes mostly from all the students who had missed out on the first intake period for admissions. Not all programs are open in this phase, but still, a significant number of courses are available during this intake.
Spring/Summer Intake May - Augus Limited or short-term courses are available, and only a few universities provide admissions during this period.

Work Options During and After Studies in Canada

Working during studies in Canada is one of the main advantages of opting to study in Canada for students as it not only helps the international students to support themselves financially but also allows them to meet new people, build their network and get to know Canadian work culture.

Most international students who are enrolled with Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) and have a valid Study Permit are eligible to work anywhere in Canada for any employer without the need for a work permit, during the duration of a study visa. Students can work up to 20 hours per week and full time during the school holidays and in Summer/Winter/Spring breaks or other scheduled breaks.

Normally, your Study Permit will state the conditions of your employment in Canada, and with the help of it, you must first apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN) in Canada, before you can start working in Canada.

Work After Studying in Canada

If you have completed your studies and want to work in Canada, you can apply for the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) within 180 days of receiving written confirmation of finishing your course. A PGWP allows the student to work for any employer in Canada and the validity of the work permit depends on the duration of the course you finished.

Duration of Course Duration of Work Permit
8 months and less Not eligible for work
8 to 24 Months Same as the duration of the course
More than 24 Months Up to 3 years

Step by step process to apply for admission and study permit for Canada

Below is the step-by-step process for applying for the study visa:

  • Shortlist the right course as per your interest, budget, and selection criteria by the college/university.
  • Shortlist at least 3 to 4 colleges or universities offering your course and find out their selection criteria, including the IELTS/TOEFL requirements.
  • Find out the intake periods and other application-related deadlines of the colleges/universities.
  • Arrange the required documents and IELTS scores and submit your application to colleges/universities along with application fees
  • Once you get the offer letter, pay the registration/tuition fee, and secure your letter of acceptance from the college/university.
  • Apply online for your Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) account and deposit at least CA$ 10,000 in it to show your living expenses, a portion of which you will receive every month.
  • Apply for a medical check-up in a hospital approved by the Canadian Embassy. Be prepared as the doctors may ask you some questions related to your health history in general.
  • Fill out the study visa form online and pay for the visa fees.

Within 2 to 3 weeks, Canadian Embassy will approve or reject the application, and you will be notified. As simple and straight-forward as it may look, the entire process from start till the end can get very overwhelming and complex for the students, and so it is advisable to seek help and support from an experienced and professional study abroad consultant, to ensure that the process becomes smooth and hassle-free.

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