Our Founder & Managing Director –
Mr. Taruun Kapoor

With post graduation in business management and more than 15 years of successful corporate work experience in prestigious national and international organizations, Taruun brings a blend of experience and a high level of expertise to the table, coupled with a very honest, ethical, and professional approach towards his work.

He gained valuable and extensive experience in the domain of Customer Service and Human Resources and International Recruitment before finally entering into Immigration Consulting in 2012 and gaining a specialization in Skilled and Business immigration. Not only has he held various meaningful management level positions in his career and made significant contributions driving business growth and client satisfaction, but he is also widely known amongst his previous employers and colleagues for his far-sighted vision and capabilities of turning immigration start-ups into successful & profitable scale-ups.

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Enviably, he is credited with single-handedly starting and setting up branch offices for some of his previous employers at strategic locations like the Philippines, Bangalore, and New Delhi, including the launching and successfully establishing India operations for a very reputed licensed Canadian Immigration firm in his last assignment as a Country Operations Manager.

Being a core believer in values like ethics, honesty & transparency always helped him to expand his network and gain client’s confidence and respect. He has been instrumental in helping hundreds of his clients and their families to successfully immigrate to developed nations like the UK, Australia, and Canada.

He firmly believes in the power of networking and is known to nurture relations, because of which he always managed close and lasting relations with his colleagues, clients as well as various licensed immigration lawyers and consultants he has worked with in his career.

Taruun is the proud father of his two-year-old and he lives in New Delhi with his wife, son, and his father. In his leisure time, he likes to pursue his passion for Numerology.

A message for the clients – I believe that every individual or family has the right to dream of a better future for them. And so we founded Cross Settle Immigration with the intent to present the various opportunities that a client has to immigrate to a new and developed nation and to do it in the most honest, ethical, and transparent way, thereby empowering our clients to make the best decision for themselves and their family’s future.

At Cross Settle Immigration, we are a team of highly skilled and experienced immigration consultants who are committed to bringing expert-level, genuine as well as affordable immigration services within the reach of every immigration aspirant. With that, we look forward to getting an opportunity to serve you and we assure you of putting our best efforts into helping you immigrate to your dream country.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to become a true mirror of our client's needs and aspirations - by providing the most honest and comprehensive immigration and global mobility services under one roof to clients located across the globe.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a brand that is synonymous with Trust, Reliability, Genuineness, and Results.



CSI’s Motto and Commitment are to make the ‘MOVE’ for you.

M- Master the area of client’s expertise

Catering to a niche segment of clients and work on limited and strongest cases i.e., the ones who value Quality, Experience, and Genuineness over anything else, while meeting their personalized requirements.

O- Omit the odds and work on strengths

CSI employs some of the most professional and highly experienced Case Managers in the industry and has the lowest Case Manager to Client ratio - ensuring each client gets a proactive and timely response as well as sufficient attention on their case, thereby delivering the highest quality of service.

V- Vision curated for getting realistic goals

Not claiming to be the ‘Best’ or the ‘Biggest’ immigration service provider, but to become the most ‘Honest’, ‘Reliable’ and ‘Ethically Working’ immigration consultant in the market without compromising on the service quality and timelines.

E- End the journey with success

Holding a unique place in the industry, the objective is to generate positive results for the masses by offering fair and competitive pricing along with the highest levels of ethics and expertise, enabling the client to feel confident and assured of putting the best foot forward.

Understandably, no one can guarantee 100% success as the final outcome but at CSI, you have our 100% assurance that we will work with full commitment and make our best efforts on your application. Our highly professional and experienced team will ensure that we analyze your case thoroughly and present all facts and viable options in front of you, enabling you to make a well-informed decision for yourself and immigrate to your desired destination legally and legitimately.

We also believe that every individual or family has the right to dream for a better future for themselves. We respect your consideration of taking a calculative risk and putting your hard-earned money on the line while dreaming of a better tomorrow for you and your family. Hence, we aim at forming a very fair picture in the eyes of the client and along with sharing your case assessment report, we also share the end-to-end government charges, service fees as well as all agreement terms upfront with you i.e. right after their first interaction with us. This also marks our commitment towards a complete transport process.

For a one-to-one discussion and analysis of your case, we encourage you to give us a call at +919310385606
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